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Jerry's Fabry Disease Blog was created to spread awareness about Fabry disease, a rare genetic disorder, and to share news and information about what is happening in the Fabry community. The blog is one component of the National Fabry Disease Foundation's social networking program.

One would think Fabry disease would always be called Anderson-Fabry disease to consistently give both physicians credit. To the contrary, the most common name used in literature is simply Fabry disease. The other somewhat common names, Anderson- Fabry disease and Fabry’s disease, are used in literature much less.
We searched PubMed ( to access the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s database of world-wide journal articles for Fabry disease. There are well over 3,000 articles about Fabry disease available. Looking at the article titles alone, an overwhelming majority of the articles published over the last 10 years use the name “Fabry” rather than  “Anderson-Fabry” or “Fabry’s”. 
So, with this trend among physicians and researchers, the NFDF consistently uses the name Fabry disease (singular). Why swim upstream and add to the confusion? 

Jerry Walter